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1974 - 80_3

Our uniforms: then and now

My flight, my choice, #myAustrian! We’re getting ready for take-off: with new paintwork, a new service model – and a new uniform! That’s why today we’re taking a sentimental look back to show you exactly how our uniforms have changed in decades past…

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Austrian Airlines at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Last Saturday, the time finally came for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 to hit the stage in Vienna! The winner of our ESC Type Test, Tom Bruehwiler, was there live, and today he reports why he thinks the Austrian capital deserves every one of its douze points. And as if that weren’t enough, blogger Lillian from Sweden got a very special interview with the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Måns Zelmerlöw – but more of that later. First things first…

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ESC 2015 in Vienna: the little ABC for ESC visitors

From ‘A’ for Arrival, to ‘F’ for Fan Area, right through to the question of where to go if you’re hungry. We’ve put together a little ABC guide for anyone visiting Vienna for the first time – or wanting to find out more even about Vienna.

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Isabella Reichl, Director of Marketing

It’s your choice: Servus myAustrian!

My flight, my choice, #myAustrian! We’re making a flying start: with a completely new paintjob and new service concept. For us, that means a new red-white-red design – both inside and out – and for you, it means a unique, individual #myAustrian where you can choose exactly which additional services you want to use. So are you ready for ‘your’ Austrian? 😉

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