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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Berlin before or if you’re visiting for the first time: There’s always something new to explore in Berlin! We have tips for Berlin beginners and history fans – but also for people who like to go out and have fun.

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Street scene with vintage car and worn out buildings in Havana, Cuba.

Cuba: Nature, dance and history

Cuba – a deliciously diverse island, with something for absolutely everybody. Wonderful beaches, vivacious people, and a fascinating history come together here to create an amazing atmosphere you just have to experience.

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096 - Austrian Airlines Boeing 767

The Boeing 767/777 on short- and medium-haul flights

A Boeing 767 flying the route from Vienna to Frankfurt? Rather unusual. Helmut Haubenwaller, Captain and B767 Fleet Head, tells us why wide-bodied jets are currently being used by Austrian Airlines on short- and medium-haul routes as well as in their traditional long-haul role.

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The myAustrian app: book, check in and upgrade

State-of-the-art: now you can find everything you need for your Austrian flight, and a wide range of Austrian services, in our myAustrian app. You can now use the myAustrian app not just to book and check in, but also to upgrade.

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